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High-Tech Campus:

“ Success is a journey’ not a destination. The endeavour is often more important than the outcome.’’

The school provides a caring, respectful and safe environment. It is beyond doubt that there is a strong association between positive perceptions of school. It in fact lays the optimal foundation for learning and teaching for the holistic development of learners and educarers. The school building is surrounded with flourishing plants and thriving trees that offer an environment that is filled with positivity and enthusiasm. It offers fully well lit and e-facilitated classrooms backed up with 24X7 electricity that offers a conducive support to the learners for understanding of the concepts that are imparted and comprehended at ease.The Smart Classrooms in the school premises are technology enhanced that encourages opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities.

The school has a vast playground that offers prospects to students to play diversified sports that assist in the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being of children right from the stage of early childhood. It is a natural tool for children to develop gross motor and life skills like co-operation, problem solving etc... Sports also allows children to be creative and competent.

The school is committed to offer a safe and secure environment to its learners and has 8 emergency exits to manage disasters (if any).The fire safety equipment in the school ensures that the school is prepared for emergency, in case it ever arises. The facilities for specially abled learners help in their smooth mobility thus keeping the comfort and purpose of all in consideration. The hygienic washrooms in the school is an added feature that makes it certain that the health and hygiene are of prime importance for the institution.



The school provides plethora of facilities that boasts of inclusion of latest technology and equipment. The upgraded and state of art science labs enable students to observe, manage, and operate real objects that facilitate them to analyse the process and comprehend the relationship between action and reaction. The amenities so provided make the learning coherent and effective for learners and encourage them to make significant contributions in the streams of science and ICT that are beneficial for achieving the scholastic outcomes to the maxim. Also the school facilitates scope for the mentors to expand their horizon of knowledge and update themselves with the latest pedagogical changes available within the school premises and beyond the classroom learning.



Innovative Corner

The school recognizes the magnitude of creativity and ingenuity in the learning cycle of a student. The holistic learning environment provided by the school caters to every child’s academic, physical and emotional needs with the support of a balanced educational programme. Involvement with performing art , sculpture, craft and hues permits students’ multifaceted intelligences to be acknowledged, developed and appreciated. Children learn and think differently and possess verbal, physical and interpersonal skills, logical and intuitive thinking and spatial and kinaesthetic intelligences. The school offers performing arts arena to groom students’ expressions and perceptions.



The school owns a fleet of buses to provide prompt transport facility to its students. The school buses are fully supported by the GPS bus tracking systems and Camera  that allows the management to track the school buses’ movement and its occupants. The school receives a notification the moment the tracking system detects a route deviation coming from the school bus. The two-way communication system to contact the driver is also ensured with this GPS system. Further, the drivers, helpers and the escorting teachers are given regular trainings to ensure comprehensive safety and security of the school students. No effort for safety of the students is spared, but the School should not be held responsible for any road accident in which the buses may unfortunately be involved or for any other unforeseen situation that may arise due to circumstances beyond control.

The transportation needs of the students are handled by a fleet ofwell-equipped buses to face any delays or unforeseen events. Students are accompanied by a conductor, guard, support staff and teacher in the buses. The safety of the students is paramount hence adequate care is being taken for the boarding, travel and deboarding of students.



Special Educator


(CCTV) Surveillance

The Special Educator ensures the involvement of students with additional requisites and special needs in all the Scholastic and Co-Scholastic pursuits of school. It is achieved by close collaboration with teachers, parents and administrators to foster progressive and holistic learning. 


The school campus (classrooms, entry , exit and other vital sites) are under the surveillance of closed circuit television to keep a close watch on happenings in the school which is necessary for safety and security of the child.


Security –Our Priority


Medical Facilities

The school offers state of art security solution. . Every visitor to the school needs to get himself verified using the mobile number. Hence anyone entering the school premises is verified and checked before accessing the entry in the campus.


The school has a well equipped medical room to take care of emergencies if they arise. A qualified nurse is available full time for the first aid. The comprehensive medical checkups of all the students is an annual feature of the school.



E- Annual Day 2020-21

11-05-2021 To 11-05-2021

Titiksha Public Schooll

Pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 152nd birth anniversary

06-10-2021 To 06-10-2021

Titiksha Public School

Teachers Day 2021-22

04-11-2021 To 04-11-2021

Titiksha Public School

15th August

13-08-2021 To 13-08-2021

Titiksha Public School

Farewell Party 2021-22

16-06-2022 To 16-06-2022

The Grace by Symphony near Model Town, Delhi

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